Particle Physics Seminar

Inside the Precision Era: Exploring quark flavor transitions at LHCb

by Ramón Ángel Ruiz Fernández (Universität Santiago de Compostela)

CP-03-123 (TU Dortmund)


TU Dortmund

Otto-Hahn-Straße 4a 44227 Dortmund

While the Standard Model stands as our best explanation of the Universe at the smallest scales, mounting evidence suggests it cannot be the ultimate model. Indirect measurements such as $\phi_s^{c\bar{c}s}$ phase serve as crucial tools in unveiling New Physics footprints, as they are sensitive to energy scales beyond the direct reach of the LHC. This seminar delves into the present and future prospects of $\phi_s$ measurement, exploring its implications for possible explanations Beyond Standard Model theories.

Organized by

Maik Becker & Serena Maccolini