Particle Physics Seminar

The evolution of pulsar environments at TeV energies

by Dr Alison Mitchell (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)

CP-03-123 (TU Dortmund)


TU Dortmund

Otto-Hahn-Straße 4a 44227 Dortmund

The environments of energetic pulsars viewed in very-high-energy (≥ TeV) gamma-rays exhibit extraordinary variety. These systems undergo several evolutionary stages; from a compact pulsar wind nebula, through a system disrupted by shock interactions to a halo of escaped particles entering the local interstellar medium. Several pulsar systems are also associated with the highest energy gamma-rays yet detected, at energies above 100 TeV – corresponding to the highest energy particles (~PeV) originating from within our Galaxy. Both phenomena, of these powerful accelerators - termed "PeVatrons" - and of particle halos around pulsars, have only been firmly established within the last few years.

This talk will cover the evolution of energetic pulsar environments and the recent development in our understanding. Open questions include: Which particle types are generating the gamma-ray emission? How are the particles transported through the surrounding medium? What is the maximum energy limit for particle acceleration in pulsar environments? In the future we can look forward to advanced experimental facilities and improvements in analysis techniques that will contribute to further progress in addressing these questions.

Organized by

Hans Dembinski